• Izabella

Why it’s time to say goodbye……..

….To our existing logo!

As Edwards Employment Solutions catapults into our third year of trading, it seemed like the right time to reflect upon the previous two years. What we’ve done that’s worked well, our mistakes (like any new business, we made plenty of those!) and of course areas that we can improve upon.

I had in mind probably from the first year of trading that I would like to refresh our branding at some point in the near future. I initially had the project penciled in for later this year, but as the Covid-19 pandemic started to affect business levels, it became clear that it would be a very good use of this quieter time - so I brought the project forward.

When I launched Edwards Employment Solutions back in 2018, I was so fiercely determined to crack on and get things moving, things like the look and feel of the branding and the website etc were admittedly secondary to me. It was about building up our database of candidates and placing them into jobs, which we have done a lot of in the last two years.

When I first set eyes on our ‘tree’ logo, it just felt right. I liked the symbolism of growth and strength. The people as the branches just added to that, and I loved the colours.

After choosing the logo and using it, I quickly discovered that it contained too many colours to print for merchandise etc, and that the shape of it was awkward to use digitally.

So when it came to briefing the designers for our new logo, here’s what I asked of them:

  • Keep the symbolism/meaning of the existing logo

  • Try and keep some of the colour elements

  • Fresh and professional

  • Clean and simple

I think the designers have done a fabulous job, and I can’t wait to reveal our refreshed brand to you next week!

So, from next week, it will be time to say goodbye to our logo as we transition into the next chapter of Edwards Employment Solutions - and there is so much more exciting things to come from us, so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Izabella Edwards

Managing Director


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